11 Essential Zero-Waste Products

Concept of Thrash

Thrash is thrash when you have no idea or consciousness as to where your post-product lands. If you purchase something with plastic and mindlessly throw it then it is polluting, but if you take this post-product and reuse it over and over, its contamination decreases. The key is having a conscious mind. Its not easy to let go of everything we are so custom to use in our day-to-day, I get it because I too I’m going thru this transition. As long as you and I make one change even stopping to buy plastic bottle and utensils, that is a HUGE impact on the health of our oceans and wildlife. Ownership, it is about taking ownership of everything we purchase and having an idea as to where it will continue its life. The more time and attention we give to anything, the more meaning it carries.


11 Essential zero-waste items

1. Bamboo Cutlery

2. Refill teeth floss 

3. Produce bag (Raaka bag + tote bag)

4.* Refill Soap/Oil

5. Steel Razor

6. Thinx Underwear

7. Straws (bamboo, glass, steel)

8. Beeswax Wrap

9. Portable bottle water (Coastal Craft Kombucha)

10. Bamboo Toothbrush (the bristles are not compostable, you have to toss this part in your "trash" mason jar)

11. Bar soap

*If you buy it from another state, i AM NOT SURE BUT ITS ALWAYS "ON TAP" IF YOU GO VISIT. aLSO LOOK OUT for local refill bars near you.

Bonus Tip

{Create artwork out of your ‘waste’}

On top of these essential products + bonus tip, another great advice is to wash your plastic wraps and toss them in a mason jar. Plastic is everywhere and if you are new to this lifestyle, its hard to let go of buying your favorite snacks. This is something I have found hard to get rid off completely. So instead of throwing it in the garage where idk where it will end, I am tossing it in a mason jar, until I know the right place to get rid of it, I’ll toss it there because at least this way it doesn’t end in the ocean. This same method I am doing with my embroidery floss scraps. But those threads I know I can use to stuff a doll or pillow I make. 

Post-Consumer Waste Inspiration

rag rug
ticket frame
Arts and craft


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