Thinx Period Proof Underwear | Product Review

Honest Product Review

Reviewing| Sport Model [holds up to 1½ tampon’s worth]


Comfort: 3.5 out of 5

Absorbability: 4 out of 5

Soo period proof underwear, don’t say blah before reading this review. It can sound odd if you’ve never heard of it or you clicked here because you’ve heard of it and your curious to see if the hype is true. Hey honey it is! Watch my vlog to see all that happened (trust me you wanna see what happened) when wearing their sports model for medium flow days. I wore it to the max ahaha I felt it was a great experience and I wanted to see all the different possibilities, hence why I wore white pants. If its going to be a product review, gotta make it a full one right!?! Gotta think of all possible situations. 

Here is the break down. I wore their medium flow on my second day. I do not have a heavy menstrual cycle, the first day is the worst and then day 2-3 are medium and from their I go to light. Its been like this for the past year. So I am like cool, let me get the medium flow and test this beauty out. 2 hours in and my pants were already stained. I wore them for a total of 6 hours and the stain did not worsen, this panty absorbed! But because I had it on for so long it began to smell and feel super moist. At that point it felt very uncomfortable, but that is because I let it get to this point, it does not mean you feel this way while wearing them at the start. You just have to know when to take them off. When hand washed to clean, I do see blood run out but it clears up real fast and the smell of iron goes away. The underwear absorbs (I can not stress it enough) Blood does not fall out. There are many points to consider so I have created different charts for you to see what to know before buying them:


  1. Hand wash (hence reusable)
  2. Perfect fit
  3. Strong absorbability
  4. Great to wear overnight 
  5. Environmental 


  1. Amount it absorbs will vary from person to person even if it says Heavy, Medium, or Low
  2. Hand washing (I personally like it, but I know some may not want to)
  3. You have to buy many at least 4 (+keep washing them) in order to wear them for your full cycle. This may be difficult for us  chicas on a budget. Will need buy slowly over time.  
**I would suggest to Thinx to also have a "hold up worth" compared to pads, not just tampons**
*Also, to make it clear Thinx does suggest to also wear their underwear as a back-up*


Things to Consider:

  • How many do you wanna own
  • Do you wanna hand wash
  • Are you comfortable washing out your own blood
  • Clogs are not absurd, so you have to take it off with the paper toilet
  • Whats your routine? My routine on my second day is 3 pads, the day I tested them out I ended up using two. 


Major Suggestion:

Make your first purchase is a Heavy flow model. Because you can wear it overnight worry free + our menstrual flow can change overtime. Maybe what normally is your light day can come the next month medium flow, situations like this can happen, so having a pair of Thinx heavy flow will prevent any possible leakage. 

does it feel wet?

Yes honey YASSS. You feel the moisture on the outside layer. I could see the blood on my finger tips. But if this accords it means you have an excess of blood, meaning ya need to change into another pair or to your typical menstrual product. 


The most important Q: 

Should you buy this product? Yup, a 100% slamming yes

Chicas besides pads, tampons, and menstrual cups we got a new product. One that can be reused over and over, aww I love that! Less waste whoop whoop! If you are an environmental babe or just looking for an alternative to save cash overtime on pads/tampons, Thinx is a mint julep, classic, strong & oh so fresh. You must try 😏

Keep a watch on their soon to come underwear for young kids very exciting! 

P.S: Menstrual cups are great for reducing waste buuttt I haven’t tried it. If you have, write in the comments your experience using it and share your experience too if you’ve tried Thinx or what ya think now after laying down this review.

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