Top 10 Fabrics to Know

Fabrics are a world of exploration. Their innovation is never-ending, however, there are 10 fabrics every maker must know. Certainly, I will love to expand this conversation in further detail of all their history and present-day innovation. Yet, I have created a simple swatch of the key ten I believe are the most used and relevant to be aware of for your next project. 

1. Pique (/; pee-key) a.k.a marcella

Texture: waffle geometric shape

Fiber content: 100% cotton

Production: on a dobby loom

Used: formal shirting/summer attire

Wearability: durable, breathable

3. Denim (/;den-uh m)

Texture: sturdy, a bit stiff. wears in.

Fiber content: 100% cotton

Production: Twill weaving

Used: jeans, jackets, often in apparel

Wearability: no wrinkles, durable

5. Silk (/; silk)

Texture: soft, sheen. 

Fiber content: 100% silk

Production: Sericulture

Used: Dresses, scarfs

Wearability: breathable

7. Organza (/; awr-gan-zuh)

Texture: sheer, crisp

Fiber content: rayon, silk, or nylon

Production: plain weave

Used: evening/bridal apparel

Wearability: breathable, lightweight

9. Jersey (/; jur-zee)

Texture: stretchy, soft, drapes

Fiber content: cotton, synthetic fibers

Production: knit, plain knit

Used: skirts, dresses, & t-shirts

Wearability: very comfortable, heavy when wet

2. Twill (/; twill)

Texture:diagonal parallel ribs, a front/back 

Fiber content: 100% cotton

Production: weaved weft across warp

Used: technique in denim, upholstery

Wearability: resistance to wrinkles, soft

4. Sateen (/; sa-teen)

Texture: lustrous, smooth, percale finish

Fiber content: 100% cotton

Production: satin weave

Used: dresses, pillows

Wearability: breathable, durable

6. Corduroy (/; kawr-duh-roi)

Texture: sturdy, vertical waves

Fiber content: 100% cotton

Production: weaved extra fibers into base  

Used: often in jeans & jacket

Wearability: very durable

8. Chiffon (/; shi-fon)

Texture: sheer

Fiber content: cotton, rayon, silk, or nylon

Production: plain weave

Used: evening dresses, ribbons

Wearability: breathable, lightweight

10. Fleece (/; pee-key)

Texture: soft, cloud like

Fiber content: wool, cotton, or recycled plastic

Production: knit/jacquard

Used: hoodies, jackets, & pants

Wearability: warmly cozy, water resistance

Kaara Henriquez