Fashion Now

Hey 😊, Fashion??


yeah, its me. Just all clothes.


Nup. You are a full package.


Before I start I will like to define the way in which I use the word fashion. Fashion as the clothing and behavior we (execute) choose in our everyday life. As of now, the most predominant tendency has been minimalism and ethical fashion. This is due to us viewing the escalating issues and trying our best to do the best we can to make sound, unwasteful decisions. Although the milage to assimilate sustainable fashion fully from this year to its dream destination is a long walk. This journey of sustainability is special, because not only planet earth, but also our society will flourish from this pursuit. Fashion now is in a state of transition, limbo, in between a tug-of-war; trying to let go of the traditions from 100yrs ago. There is the prospective and there is the former, and as of now there must be change. 

    They, them, whoever between you and I. There is indulgence and seduction in the past fashion we understand. HEY if you feel like I just want to dance, party, jam to the music with no worries. Sit in the clouds and be like HOLLA ahaha eat cold pepperoni pizza at 4am with a mango smoothie ordered from seamless. GO FOR IT! GOZA! I want you to enjoy diving in, not dry up like a prune or start tasty like a sour lemon; don’t be salty. What I am telling you is, fashion does not only live in clothing. Fashion is part of our memories. Changes do not mean letting go of the memories we knew and lived. This past fashion is this understanding of classifying “fashion” as only clothes, of thinking of the concept as mere fabric to “wear” and waiting for to “trends” to then search for those sales -_- …Think about it this way, if it is just clothing, then why DOES actress and actors performance enhance by the clothing they wear? See it as Shakespeare once said “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Clothes say a lot about us, because they are a physical translation of who we choose to play (in other words act). If we wish fashion now to become good and based on a sustainable practice where the source from where we buy it and values of which it thrives is humane, the choice is ours now.

Types of fashions

*Ethical fashion - Brand or individuals concern with the production, purchase, and sourcing of garments/materials benefiting the community and people who produce the product. Normally following the standards set by the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). 

*Sustainable fashion - Brand or individuals concern with the full life cycle of the garment from pre-consumption to post-consumption. Normally, thrifting or upcycling garments. 

*Slow fashion - Brand or individuals following a lifestyle of slowing down production/methods. Focusing on artisinal craft and process of design a garment. The slow movement takes on the umbrella of "eco", "sustainable" & "ethical" all-in-one.  

Fast fashion - Clothing quick out the catwalk to customers in cheap, low quality materials. A lot of unnecessary consumption.  ex: Zara, H&M, Forever 21

Couture fashion - Exclusive, tailor made garments. Made by hand from beginning to end for the client. 

High end fashion - Known fashion brands with exclusive styles.  

*People-Planet-Profit motto

**Note: In the end, fashion is fashion (a.k.a) a way of being. These “types” are terms used to understand the meaning and values carried out by people in these “fashions”. 

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