Artificial Intelligence in Fashion

supervised or unsupervised?

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Technology has always been in vogue, ever since the caveman. Got the wheels turning, ya This digital age is a game advancer, another tool made to optimize tasks en route to the objective. In this post, I will break down the ways artificial intelligence is being used in the fashion industry. 



 know: QubiT, Amazon Alexa & generative adversarial network

1) E-commerce

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  •  Algorithm-based feed: using data to create personalized feed in the site. Feed will show the shopper products based on what they have shopped previously.
  • Content: Retailers use data to predict the most desired products and use the technology to bring the image to the intended consumer. 
  • Research & Development: Optimizing brands to be the first on predicting next clothing trends.
  • Social Media: Product placement in the social media apps to increase purchasing traffic.

2) Apparel

  • Design:  Produce design ideas of garments
  • Stylist: Neutral networks can suggest if an outfit is stylish or not.



know: Edited, tagwalk, & Edites

1) Comprehending/linking information

  • Analytics: Identify patterns in the runway like color, texture, and styles. 
  • Money maker: Selling analytical reports to brands. 
  • Insights: Computer distinguish data sets to properly see trends and target the groups of consumers interested in the specific product. 



1) Garment

  • Mirror, mirror: Generate clothing on a person of any fit. 

*** Wearable tech. applies more towards computational knowledge of software and hardware. I decided to include wearable technology in this post because it's important for you to see the direction tech is being applied in apparel. 


know: Wearable X,,Sculpteo 3D,Cortex-Evill, studio bitonti & loomia

1) Smart Textiles

  • Sensors: Soft flexible circuits responsive to touch. Responding to needs like heat and even a personal yoga trainer.
  • Conductive thread: Sends circuit signals [shop at]
  • App connection: Biometric sensor collects data from the body and sends info to your phone application.
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2) 3D printing

  • Material: Flexible plastic [imagine small chains] geometric shapes.
  • Health: Manufacturing of prostheses & body cast. 


         Yes knowledge is power. However, it is the way we use this knowledge in our actions that make them powerful. Understanding artificial intelligence now is fresh. In order to fully understand its potential we must all felicitate its potential with caution. And properly allocate A.I. for the function of serving excellent human-center design in all sections of the fashion industry. Brands acquiring A.I. platforms for growth, must properly strategies what this growth will do, not only for the business, but for the culture it is creating through its products.


 //oh, so you are like...a calculator?? 

Artificial Intelligence: Machine programmed to collect/calculate information. Similar analytical properties like a human brain; but less fleshy, more mechanical.

Machine Learning: Computer with the capacity of learning without being programmed. Three  other types of computer learning are supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning.

Data: Information, too much information. Hence needing data scientist to data mine. [data scientist //Analyzing vast amounts of information and determining patterns/ links. Great if you are into interdisciplinary studies.]

APIs:  Application programming interface. Pretty much just code communication for developers to make software.

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Human Center Design: Designing based on problem-solving and considering human experience in all stages of the design process.


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|I hope you find this post-it of knowledge helpful. Since this post is an overview of what is going on in the field, let me know in the comments if you will like to learn a more in depth understanding of how this technology works.|