the 21st century fashion: Rémodé Explained


Rémodé \hāmōˈdā\ (v) 1: To refashion, renew way of being. 2: A behavior nourishing understanding, care and tenderness of others and oneself. 3: A somatic experience of intimacy and appreciation found in our social synergy.

map of remode.jpg

Lately, we often here and think of holistic health choices and caring for oneself in assosication to food and exercising. These ideas are also found in the clothing we wear. For a year now, I have been developing this concept rémodé to design a closed loop system where we change our view + interaction of clothing. Think of this, from farm to table, right? So shirt is from where to your closet? Design was made by whom to your closet? Sewn by whom to the cashier register accepting your cash?  Surely, tracking all this information will scale enough for us to know in the future thanks to the augmentation of processing data from A.I. But the reason why I post these questions in your mind first is because they are invisible. The people and the information of how the process are made are not often thought of. The image, ugh the image! Instagram and magazines have habituated our minds to stop thinking deeper of what clothing mean... of the artifacts they represent.

To rémodé is not saying to make all of your clothing. That would be serious commitment, but no. It is purchasing consciously, demanding information as in what working conditions your clothing was made, it is supporting local producers of raw materials and artisanal clothing. To rémodé, is you blasting "Rockstar" by Post Malone while you knit a sweater. You relaxed embroidering your denim jacket (btw these crafts are as calming as yoga), it is you with your friends drawing in each others shirts. In the end, it is celebration, humor, partying, having fun with your freaking gorgeous garment that you have amazing memories with.  

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Comparing the process of making clothing to food is not the same based on time and lack of tools*. But there are different levels of interaction. For example, it is starting January with your to-do list of homemade gifts or through a party where everyone embroiders in each theres clothing or even you wanting to thrift and then transforming the garment. Another example, is you understanding why a pair of blue jeans from one brand cost more from than another. The one that cost more most likely pays there workers well and sources from eco-friendly suppliers. It is also being knowledge of paying for high quality, not brand name. Which brings in perspective, there is enough clothing in the world for needing to produce more, yet there is also a ton of bad quality clothing circulating because of not seeing in past the value in purchasing high quality garments for longevity. Which was also hard to see before when the idea of brand and image making took over. 

Please, always remember that fashion is snobby and mandating IF you accept it to be. Fashion is a way of being, it is us acting in the values we care for and wish to act on. Continue these values within ALL aspects of your life, from clothing to what you eat to what you study or even to what you program for users. My medium of choice to rémodé is through clothing. Rémodé in your way because in the end all you truly have to be in a healthy continue cycle is to be knowledable, be nourishing, be loving.


  • * I will talk more about this in a future post. What I mean by tools is the process of purchasing and cutting premade patterns is super dated. Sewing as a newbie is not as easy as baking as a newbie. Let's make as easy as baking.
  • In the drawing I wrote "Mom home baked goods" because my Mom is the one that bakes at home, but it can also represent your Dad, a friend, or home baked goods made by you :)