Magic Embroidery Pen vs. Kantan Needle

Embroidery Tool Comparison

What a fun exploration between these two needles! They are both great, if you’ve watched the video you’ve seen my difficulty with the Kantan but I am positive I’ll get better using it :D I love both, I am a very positive person. Sooo if you’re the type to be naahh girl it looks hard, I so get it, but you may not have the same difficult as me. In the end, based on my experience, I hope this easiest your debate on which one to get. 

How to Thread {magic embroidery pen}

  1. Insert the threader inside the needle

  2. Take the floss and bring it inside the threader and then pull it down the barrel

  3. Take the floss out the threader and inside the eye of the needle

  4. Enter the floss you pulled inside the threader and then pull it through the eye 

How to Thread {kantan needle}

  1. Puck the needle inside the fabric

  2. Hold the floss in the shade of a loop and bring the needle to the front 

  3. Bring the needle inside the stitch and continue stitching towards the direction you’ll be stitching. 

Magic Embroidery Pen

  • Super easy to thread

  • Easy to change needles

  • Punching gets better with frequent use

  • Takes up lots of thread

  • Ideal for Embroidery Hoop Art & patches

  • Buy pellon along with your project 

  • 3 types of Needles

PN (Punch Needle) Types

PN-101: Smallest, use sewing thread

PN-102: Middle, use embroidery thread

PN-103: Largest, use yarn

Kantan Needle

  • Needs lots of time practicing 

  • Beautiful chain stitch

  • 1 type of needle

  • Ideal for embroidering in clothing/accessories

To my lovely rémodérs,

As part of this blog post there is a video tutorial where you see me going over on how to thread, practicing the needle, and creating a design showing their difference in the results. The design is here as a free download, I drew it thinking of pineapples and cactus and was like why not write plant-based ahah I am not a plant-based eater…but I looove raw vegan desserts. With any further or do scroll below to download the .PDF and watch the video :D

Incredible Instagrams using these tools:

Kantan Needle

Magic Pen Tool


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