How to Sew a Button


After having a shirt for very long, the button tends to get loose. So loose that it falls off and you ponder whether to get a new one. The best thing to do is repair not replace. If you’ve never picked up a needle and thread no worries, I have developed this tutorial so anyone can do it. You even have a video to follow along with as you sew back a button.

Hand sewing a button

Prep time: 2 mins | Make time: 8 min | Total time: 10 mins

Quick, easy, and so impactful!


  • 2x Darning needle
  • Thread
  • Scissor
  • Button
  • Chalk


  1. If its not yet off, remove the loose button with a seam ripper or cut the threads with the small scissor
  2. Draw an X with chalk in the area you will place the button. Where the old one used to be, there will be small holes. These small holes is the area you’ll want to draw the X
  3. *Thread your needle. Secure the thread in place and now stitch the X. Stitch over this X a few times about 5 to 6
  4. Place the button on top, grab the second needle** and place it on top of the middle of the button. Secure your thread and beginning inserting the needle in and out of the button holes. The direction to go is across. Just as sewing the X, you move your needle across the other hole. Repeat this direction on each side 6x, based on how it looks you can decide if to sew less or more thread. 
  5. Instead of sewing inside the hole bring the needle up and wind the thread underneath the button. Once it has a nice chunky look, insert it to the back and make two backstitches to complete the process.

*The way you thread your needle is first by cutting 12in length of thread. Fold the thread in half, enter the thread ends inside the eye of the needle. And thats how you thread a needle.

**You can use the method with the second needle or sew without it. I tend to just use the second needle at the end to lift the thread to give it a puff look.

This is one of the EASIEST repairs, plus if you’ve never sewn before and are looking to dive into learning this is excellent way to learn the basics in a short and easy amount of time. 

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