Repair Your Socks with Darning Technique

Darn Socks

You know when you have your favorite pair but it starts wearing off..ugh why!!?! Good thing I give a darn. This repair is easy and with this new contrasting thread tutorial you'll get to see the technique 


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repairing your sock
easy fix


Darn sock repair

Prep time: 5 mins | Make time: 1 hours

 Total time: 1 hrs 5 mins (approx)

Got to give a darn


  • Embroidery needle size 9 (Darning needle can be used too)
  • Embroidery floss
  • Darning egg*
  • Scissors


  1. Enter the darning egg inside the sock. (In my case, the candle top) Place it inside to stretch area
  2. Thread needle with an amount of strands based on the cloth weight of your sock you are mending. I find three strands to be a good amount.

  3. Stitch horizontal lines covering the area. You are creating loops. 

  4. Weave in stitches over and under the horizontal stitches you previously made to create the checker like pattern. This weave is what will fill in the darning patch.

  5. Keep in mind that the very last stitch will be the same backstitch as the one you started the darning. Then rethread and continue until filling in the entire area. 

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