Resize Your Jacket

resize your jacket

Prep time:10 mins | Make time: 15 hrs | Total time: 15 hrs 10 mins

No one will notice you altered your jacket!


  • Jacket
  • Grid Ruler
  • Thread
  • Chalk Pencil
  • Fabric Scissors (shears)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Gauge Ruler
  • Darning Needle


  1. First Wear the jacket and determine how much you need to take in by making marks with chalk. My cousin wore it and I made dashes where I need to remove excess fabric.

  2. Next lay it down and with a ruler and chalk draw straight line following where you marked.
  3. Cut open the seams with your shears. DO NOT cut where you marked with chalk. Cut the seams open.
  4. Clip the edges and with a needle and thread baste the chalk line. This will insure a straight line when you machine sew and in case the chalk dissapears the basting stitch will be there. 
  5. Draw a center line in the middle of the loose waistband, then snip. Caution: You are cutting the loose waistband not the pants.
  6. Lastly use the flat fell seam to create a nice clean seamless finish. Cut the seam facing the front 5/8’’ and the seam in the back 1/4’’. Iron the seam down, pin, and now hand sewn the seam close by using the ladder stitch.
  7. The ladder stitch is done by first making sure your know is in the inside of the folded seam. Then back and forth you stitch from one side to the other. Trying your best to stay as close as possible to your previous stitch. When you run out of the thread backstitch and begin where you started.


  • I had difficulty with the arm, using the ladder stitch it kept wrinkling so I had to keep cutting the thread and starting over. Its done able, but when you reach the arm area make sure to spread your fabric well and you sew slowly so you can avoid any puckers.
  • Each side took me 3hours so all in all to hand sew all together was 6hours. Plan your time accordingly.
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