Graphic Print Tee


Adding a graphic element to your clothing personalizes its design. Especially if you have a shirt you love and wanna make is more visually pleasing this is great! Plus, if you are looking for sustainable alternatives to refashion your t-shirt this is an excellent way.

I have chosen to make this illustration as a free download for you to use and apply to your own clothing because I in inclusive fashion, I believe that what I can make you can make too. It is equal and free as music that is heard globally, well this can be see globally. 


  1. Select the image and print the image on the rough side of the transfer sheet
  2. Preheat your iron & trim the image down to the image, leaving a 1/4'' border
  3. Stretch the area where you will like to place the image and place it face down
  4. Press down the image for 2mins
  5. Let the image cool down for about 5mins and then peel off the paper
  6. Done, it is ready to wear!
Kaara HenriquezComment