11 Sewing Hacks & Tips

Helpful Sewing + Organization & more

Sewing can have its challenges; here I've gathered my top 11 hacks + tips to solve them for you

sewing hack toe separators

[1] Toe Separators

Great for organizing your bobbins. My case used to look like a hair knot, now it looks put together and ready for action.

salt and vinegar hack

[3] Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar

When you iron the wrong thing and it stitcks to your iron, who do you call? Salt + Vinegar, it'll clear it off fast.

thread heaven

[5] Thread Heaven

Heavenly un-knotting wax-like material. This is an excellent product to use for stopping your thread to knot.

Pattern making sewing hack

[7] Attaching two different colored pens

MY FAV. Pattern-making is not my cup of joe, this trick simplifies the experiecnce by adding the seam-allowance.

pinking scissor

[9] Pinking Scissor

Stops you fabric from fraying. Fraying can be quite annoying and can get in the way. This scissor is the solution.

organizing sewing thread

[11] Wooden Thread Organizer

Ooh la la!! When threads are organized it makes it easy to find the color you need. This is a must-have! Paint it too.

sewing hack

[2] Spice containers

No need to buy storage for your buttons or miscellaneous items. Simply clean out an old spice bottle and there, done.

mini iron sewing hack

[4] Mini Iron

ugh ever sewed a hem or something small with a regular iron?! Too big for a small section, this one is puurfecto!

sewing clips

[6] Clippers

A great choose because they don't hurt you (first off) plus it does not leave holes. Great when sewing leather layers. 

duck tape

[8] Duck Tape

Like the guide of a ruler, placing duck tape in the needle plate works to ease sewing straight. 

tiger tape

[10] "Tiger Tape" this is the Hand Stitching Tape

Professional hand stitching finishes when you using this tape, b/c the lines work as a guide for exact measurements.

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