T-shirt Yarn

T-shirt Yarn

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Prep by collecting all your materials in one place
Cut you the hem and top (from armhole to armhole)
Fold in half leaving a .5" gap. Draw straight 1'' in width lines with your chalk. 
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Use your rotary cutter to cut the strips. MAJOR: Make sure not to cut pass the folds
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Make the first snip in a diagonal. Then continue to cut by the seams
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Use both thumbs to pull the fabric, to make tighter texture
Place the strip inside the thread and then begin to wrap around
Easy to pull from the center

T-shirt Yarn

Prep time: 5 mins | Make time: 10 mins | Total time: 15 mins


Quick and easy way to make your own yarn at home. Make as many from a large range of colors and sizes for your next knitting, weaving or crochet project. 


  • Stretchy T-shirt 
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thread
  • Chalk
  • Stainless Steel Ruler


  1. Place your cutting mat down on a table or floor (wherever you feel comfy). Grab your shirt and lay it on the cutting mat with your hem facing up. 
  2. Then grab your stainless steel ruler to position it right beneath the hem. Take your rotary cutter and cut off the hem. You will turn the shirt around, to have the neck hole facing up. Place the ruler right beneath the armholes, this is where your will cut the top off.
  3. Fold the shirt horizontally in half, leaving about a .5” of a gap. 
  4. With your ruler and chalk you will create the lines of strips you will cut. Do this by placing the ruler on top of the shirt 1in apart from the starting edge (the ruler should align with the inch line in your cutting mat). Draw a straight line with a width of 1in. You will continue this all the way down until reaching the end of the shirt.
  5. Place your ruler on the first line you drew. Cut the line with your rotary cutter, do not cut all the way through, reach up to the gap. Once more not cutting all the way, leave a .5” gap. 
  6. Open the fold and you will have stripes moving around like spaghetti. What you will want to do is lay the shirt flat on your mat. Grab your scissor and snip the first strip next to the side seam. Then on the other side cut through the side seam, continue back and forth until reaching the end.
  7. Lastly, grab your thread and place the yarn tip inside the carton of the thread. Then begin to wrap the yarn around the thread. When reaching the end you can pop out the thread from the yarn. Finish up by wrapping the last bit of yarn. *The thread will help you create a nice yarn ball. You have completed the yarn.


  • If you are looking to fully Upcycle the shirt, do not throw out the hem and top part. You can use the left over for another project. 
  • You do not have to have a thread to wrap the yarn around that is fine! Just wrap it around and you will get excellent results anyhow.