3 Trend Inspired Hoodie Hacks

Cozy Custom 

Hoodie Upgrade


Prep time: 5 mins | Make time: 7 hours

 Total time: 7 hrs 5 mins (approx)

"introduce you to some new things, and upgrade you 😉 "

APPR0X. B/C COMPLETing YOUR EMBROIDERING may take you the longest working time


Sewing Machine
Zipper Foot
Embroidery thread & needle & hoop
Avery® Light Fabric Transfer
7" Zippers


Embroidery Heart

  1. Draw the image with chalk
  2. Place embroidery hoop over chalk drawing
  3. Use satin stitch to fill. I used three strands of the thread to fill

Zipper Sleeve

  1. Wear hoodie and draw a small line where your 
  2. Refine your line with the ruler and then draw the measurement of the zipper
  3. Cut open and place the zipper inside
  4. Open your zipper and fold in seam, pin and sew with your zipper foot
  5. The other side of the zipper will be in a similar step, but positioning the back towards you 
  6. You'll be left with two holes in the top and bottom, hand or machine sew to close

Savage Transfer Print

  1. Bring your image to your document and flip the image
  2. Cut out the image, do not leave a trim
  3. Prep ironing space by placing a pillowcase on top of your table
  4. Place cut image on to hoodie and press iron down for one minute
  5. Allow to cool down for 2 mins and then pill off the paper
  6. You can end at this point or can use an exacto knife and scratch the image