Unravel A Sweater

From Sweater to Yarn 


Unravel a Sweater


Prep time:3 mins | Make time: 8-10 hours

 Total time: 8-10 hrs 3 mins (approx)

Why buy yarn when you can pull it!

Appr0x. b/c the time depends lots on how well you SEPARATE the strand attaching the sweater without ripping into the sweater piece. 



  • Sweater
  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors


  1. Turn the sweater inside out
  2. Remove the paper tags.
  3. Use your thumbs to open the seams of the sweater. I recommend to seam rip the side seams first.
  4. When seam ripping, beginning snip the top. This will allow you to smoothly pull in one strand the strip attaching the pieces together. Use this method to separate the entire sweater. Those strips I've named them the fluffy pile. it's SOO fluffy ahaha
  5. On the top of you sweater piece there is a hanging threaded string. Normally, it is found on the edge. This string you will untie it, if its giving you trouble, cut it. Then you have be able to beginning pulling the yarn out.
  6. You have two options. (1)Pull out all of the yarn and then turn it into a ball or (2) Wheel it in into a ball as you pull. HIGHLY recommend to wheel it in into a ball as you pull. This will prevent you from stressing over knots.


  • Avoid sweaters mixed in with wool. Those are difficult to pull, because the friction of the yarn makes knots.
  • If you happen to cut through your sweater piece. You can fix this by tying twice the ends together when pulling the yarn. Once you do this, you can continue to pull. If it occurs often, do not knot back, keep pulling on until you find a strand that is continuous enough for you to start forming the yarn ball. 
  • I recommend to divide your work day into two days.